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Rental Manager - Car Rental Management Software


Our Rental Manager software is an integrated car rental management, accounting and customer management application. It is a low cost all-in-one solution aimed at small car rental businesses.


Rental Manager is a PC-based system, able to handle any number of cars, comes at a one-off cost and it's not a product exactly. It is primarily a base-platform on which we build to create a solution specifically containing the functionality each client requires.  ie. this is not a mass-market product but a base platform for creating something to meet your needs.  It can also generate daily or adhoc reports and it can also be easily managed by a single person.    You can download a demo version of the basic “frame” at:


The creation of Rental Manager was based on lengthy research, consultations and even more lengthy discussions with businesses in the trade of car rentals. That way we ensured that the software does exactly what you want it to do.



car rental software - free demo



Features and Benefits:


  1. Can Manage:
    1. Pre-Bookings
    2. Bookings
    3. Customers
    4. Payments
    5. Car Information
  2. Integrates accounting and booking information
  3. Can be easily backed up to help avoidance of file or computer damage.
  4. Helps you to keep track of expenses and income
  5. Eases forecasting for your business
  6. Lets you monitor partner performance
  7. Automatically calculates commissions
  8. Powerful yet simple reporting system that allows you to:
    1. Record car maintenance (repairs, damages, etc)
    2. Record Card payments and commissions
    3. See Partner and Customer Loyalty
    4. Identify market and Seasonal Trends
    5. Make the best choices for your business
    6. Seek the best car and partner in your business


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