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Competition Analysis (for online marketers)


We understand that business on the Internet is extremely competitive and we all need to constantly review our approach to remain competitive. Because of this, we have created a competition-study service.


The competition study puts your competition under a microscope and helps make your business more effective. The study consists of a comprehensive report containing information and analysis of internet links pointing to your competitor's website or a particular URL. In short, nike free run 2 foot locker it shows all competitor activity mentioned online which can be seen by search engines. What's more, the also contains not only what your competitors are doing now but also what they used to do and do not do anymore. It may also include recommendations on website design to maximise effectiveness.


website healthcheck audit Competition Analysis Example 1

(Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals)

website healthcheck audit Competition Analysis Example 2

(Travel and Tourism)

You can use the report to:


  1. Analyse competitors advertising, marketing and public relations activity.
  2. Find marketing opprortunities.
  3. Assess how best to compete using key strengths and weaknesses of your competition.
  4. Identify business relationships.



To get started, all you need to do is provide us with some basic information about your competitor and make one of your staff available for a short time. Within seven working days we will prepare a competition study and will discuss the findings with you afterwards to maximise your return and benefits.


To find our more or book a competition study please contact us.



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