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Online Shops - eCommerce & Online Payments


Naxtech can provide eBusiness and eCommerce solutions based on your exact needs. We do not use only specific software or payment systems. nike free run 3 Whoever your payment gateway provider may be we will work with them to integrate payments with your website no matter the country.


We have experience in:


  1. Online shop - Online PaymentsOnline payment systems and accounting integration.
  2. Database Integration.
  3. Search Engine Optimisation for online shops.
  4. Automated workflows.
  5. Multi-language and non-Latin-based e-commerce websites.
  6. E-Commerce sites that can scale from dozens to thousands of products.

Example Online Shop



Some of the payment systems we have worked with:



verisign secure trading

paypalgoogle checkout psigate secpay

trust commerce 2checkout authorisenet ipayment

eurobank proxypayauthorisenet




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Integration with Google Shopping and Google eCommerce


As part of our ecommerce and system integration services we have the ability to link your systems to third party systems (accounting, CRM, and more) including distribution management. The example below demonstrates this concept on Google Product Search.


Products are automatically exposed to Google product search:


google ecommerce and shopping integration



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