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Travel, Tourism, Hospitality


Tourism, Travel and Hospitality are three closely related sectors with most of us being involved in them in some way, either as customers/tourists or suppliers.


An area of expertise for us is such businesses, including:


  • Destinations: Countries, cities and Ministries of Tourism
  • Trade associations, including MICE, events and conferences
  • Hotels, Resorts and other accommodation providers
  • Airlines, Train and Ferry companies
  • Tour Operators and Travel Agents
  • Tourism Destination Management and Marketing organisations/companies.
  • Travel Technology and Services providers.


These types of businesses we can help with elements such as:


  1. Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
  2. Hospitality and Services Marketing
  3. Tourist Motivation and Behaviour 
  4. Online and email martketing
  5. Customer engagement
  6. Social Media
  7. Fares and availability distribution
  8. Distribution of PR
  9. Video streaming
  10. Reservation systems and online payments
  11. Content generation and Travel copywriting


The services we can provide to these businesses include:




Particularly with the Destinations, Trade Organisations, Associations and MICE suppliers where budget may be an issues we still may be able to help. Things we could do, include to:


  1. Provide intelligence on what other competitor-destinations are doing in terms of marketing, etc
  2. Give an insight into target market search trends behaviour when it comes to Norway or particular areas, sites, etc
  3. Get you in contact with tour operators and travel agents in your target markets
  4. Sponsor events via the use of services such as email marketing or video/audio/live internet streaming/broadcasting


While the organisations give us opportunities to promote our brand and services at their events, websites, marketing material, etc. A win-win relationship.



Contact us. We would love to help you if we can. Or see how we helped other businesses.

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