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Web Development - Web, desktop, mobile, multi-platform


At Naxtech we want to create a solution that will actually make a difference for your business. There is a plethora of IT services companies who will promise you increased performance or the introduction of certain functionality, but Naxtech is one of the very few who allow you to focus on your business without having to worry about technology.


For Naxtech the result comes first; not the technology, not the budget and not custom or practice. With that in mind we would be more than happy to look at your requirements deeper with a view towards identifying the best course of action for your business. Your satisfaction is what makes us happy.


We guarantee each customer will receive a business-oriented solution based on his requirements, reliability that you can trust on, and a heavy accent technical support available via phone, fax, and email. We want to be your full service application service provider. Furthermore, nike blazer uomo our online customer support resources are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We want to make your business a success!



Bespoke/Custom Web Development

At Naxtech we provide a comprehensive set of IT and Internet Services aimed at any business size. Our services include:


  • Web Development with tools and programming languages such as:
    • ASP and ASP.NET on Windows 2000/2003/2008 Server and .NET 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0
    • Lotus Notes and Domino
    • WebSphere Portal
    • Content Distribution Networks (CDNs)
    • Dynamic & Database-Driven Websites
    • E-Commerce, Online Shops and Online Payments
    • Search Engine Optimisation and Promotion
    • Internet Broadcasting for radio stations
    • Online Customer Support Systems
    • Reservation and Booking Systems
  • Software Development & Programs made Specifically for YOUR Business (software works EXACTLY as you want it to be) for areas such as:
    • Small Businesses
    • Hotels
    • Solicitors
    • Language Schools
    • Accountants
    • Estate Agents
  • Networking, Computer Networks
    • Enable exchange of information of your computers in your office
    • Centralise control and storage in your business, Simplify disaster recovery and backups
    • Enable your employees to Share information
    • Provide Internet Access Services in your B&B, Studios, Hotel
  • Business Consultancy for the internet age
    • How to setup and market yourself, your business, products or services
    • Marketing
    • Business Strategy
  • ...and more.


Our web development services include media delivery as well as distribution via CDN (content delivery networks): A system of servers strategically placed across a network to host your website or other content in order to improve the speed and customer experience on your website. When an end user looks to access that website or content, the CDN will route them to the closest server for maximum bandwidth, rather than to a central server that is likely to get bottlenecked or provide slower delivery for customers a great distance away.



Examples of what we could deliver - See for yourself:


A) Hotel price price comparison, using data from third party sites:


B) Animation with voice-over:


C) Virtual tour demo: 


D) Google maps integration:

Real-time map-based hotel search demo:    (use the map or type the name of a place as vague or specific as you like). You will then probably notice a few interesting things:


  1. The application might ask you which location are you referring to, in the case where there multiple places with the same name in various countries  (try “athens”  for example).
  2. Multiple markers at the exact same location are combined.  What does this mean in practical terms?   Say you build a real estate application promoting flats for sale and there 4 flats for sale in the same building.   How do you show that on a map when all 4 markers would then have the exact same coordinates?  Our demo shows all “flats” as one marker and clicking on the marker then gives you the info for all 4 properties.   Nice eh?
  3. Notice how you can have different search options which can be added.   Eg. Do a search for “oxford street, London”  and notice the new search options which appear on the right side of the page, namely “Bicycle Stations, Metro Stations, Underground”






System Integration

We can integrate your website or system with third parties such as:

  • Accounting systems
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Online services (Google shopping, Google maps, etc)


See an example of how we integrated an online shop with google ecommerce and google product search
or view Google Product search results at:





Mobile Application Development

With the emergence of HTML5 multi-platform mobile application development has become a posibility without creating a different version of the same application for diffenret mobile platforms. At Naxtech we work with specialist partners to provide mobile applications, both as native applications (iPhone, Android phones, Blackberries, and Windows mobile)


We can provide applications for a wide range of mobile devices including:


Apple iPhone OS3 and higher

Apple  iPad, Apple iPhone, Apple iPhone 3G, Apple iPhone 3GS, Apple iPod

Android 1.6 and higher devices

Archos  5,Era  G1, Google  Nexus One, HTC  6277, HTC  Desire, HTC  DoCoMo 03A (Magic), HTC  Dream, HTC  Droid Eris, HTC Evo, HTC  Fiesta, HTC  Hero, HTC HT-03A, HTC  Legend, HTC  Magic, HTC  Nexus One, HTC  Passion, HTC  Tattoo, Acer  Liquid, Android  Generic, Motorola  A853, Motorola  MB200, Motorola Milestone, Motorola  Morrison, Samsung  Behold 2, Samsung  Galaxy, Samsung  GT i5700, Samsung  GT-i7500, Samsung  Moment, Samsung  SGH T939, Samsung  SPH-M900, T-mobile  G1, T-mobile  G2 Touch, T-mobile  myTouch, T-mobile  Opal, T-mobile  Pulse, Verizon  Droid, LG  GW620, Huawei  U8220, Huawei  U8230


LG  280, LG  8700, LG  CU720, LG  CU915, LG  CU920, LG  GB220, LG  GW520, LG  GW620, LG  KE970, LG  KF700, LG  KP500, LG  KS360, LG  KU990, LG  LG260, LG LG385, LG  LG5400, LG  LX260, LG  LX550, LG  LX570, LG  TU720


Motorola  MOTORAZR V9, Motorola  MOTORAZR V9x, Motorola  MOTORIZR Z8, Motorola  MOTOROKR Z6C, Motorola  RAZR V3i, Motorola  RAZR V3x, Motorola  RAZR V3x-Vodafone, Motorola  RAZR V3xM, Motorola  RAZR V3xx, Motorola  RAZR V3xxi iZar, Motorola  RAZR V3xxR, Motorola  RAZR V3xxv, Motorola  RAZR V6, Motorola  RAZR V6vb, Motorola  RAZR V8, Motorola  RAZR V9m, Motorola  SLVR L7, Motorola  V9m, Motorola  W490, Motorola  W5, Motorola  W510, Motorola  ZN5


Nokia N8, Nokia  2323c-2, Nokia  2330 Classic, Nokia  2610, Nokia  2630, Nokia  2680, Nokia  2730 Classic, Nokia  2760, Nokia  3109c, Nokia  3110c, Nokia  3120, Nokia  3120c, Nokia  3230, Nokia  3250, Nokia  3500 Classic, Nokia  3555, Nokia  3555b, Nokia  3555c, Nokia  3600, Nokia  5130, Nokia  5200, Nokia  5220, Nokia  5230, Nokia  5300, Nokia  5310, Nokia  5310XpressMusic, Nokia  5320, Nokia  5530 XpressMusic, Nokia  5610, Nokia  5630 XpressMusic, Nokia  5700, Nokia  5730, Nokia  5800 XpressMusic, Nokia  6086, Nokia  6110, Nokia  6120c, Nokia  6121c, Nokia  6124c, Nokia  6126, Nokia  6131, Nokia  6133, Nokia 6210, Nokia  6210e, Nokia  6212, Nokia  6220c, Nokia  6230, Nokia  6230i, Nokia  6233, Nokia  6234, Nokia  6256i, Nokia  6260, Nokia  6265, Nokia  6265i, Nokia  6270, Nokia  6275, Nokia  6275i, Nokia  6280, Nokia  6282, Nokia  6288, Nokia  6290, Nokia  6300, Nokia  6300i, Nokia  6301, Nokia  6500, Nokia  6500 Slide, Nokia  6500c, Nokia  6555, Nokia  6555b, Nokia  6555c, Nokia  6600, Nokia  6600f, Nokia  6600s, Nokia  6650, Nokia  6650d, Nokia  6650x, Nokia  6681, Nokia  6682, Nokia  6700s, Nokia  6710, Nokia  6720, Nokia  6730c, Nokia  6760s, Nokia  7100S, Nokia  7210, Nokia  7310, Nokia  7370, Nokia  7373, Nokia 7390, Nokia  7500, Nokia  7900, Nokia  8310, Nokia  8600, Nokia  8800e, Nokia  9300, Nokia  9300i, Nokia  9500, Nokia  C3-00, Nokia  C5, Nokia  C6-00, Nokia  E5-00, Nokia  E50, Nokia  E51, Nokia  E51-2, Nokia  E52, Nokia  E55, Nokia  E60, Nokia  E61, Nokia  E61i, Nokia  E62, Nokia  E63, Nokia  E65, Nokia E66, Nokia  E66-2, Nokia  E70, Nokia  E71-2, Nokia  E71-3, Nokia  E71x, Nokia  E72, Nokia  E75, Nokia  E90, Nokia  N2700 Classic, Nokia  N70, Nokia  N70-1, Nokia  N70i, Nokia  N71, Nokia  N73, Nokia  N73-2, Nokia  N73-5, Nokia  N75, Nokia  N76, Nokia  N77, Nokia  N78, Nokia  N78-2, Nokia  N79, Nokia  N80, Nokia  N81, Nokia  N82, Nokia  N85, Nokia  N86, Nokia  N90, Nokia  N91, Nokia  N92, Nokia  N93, Nokia  N93i, Nokia  N95 8GB, Nokia  N95 8GB (North America), Nokia  N96, Nokia  N96-3, Nokia  N97, Nokia  N97 mini, Nokia  NK600i, Nokia  SoftBank X02NK, Nokia  X3, Nokia  X6


RIM  BlackBerry Pearl 8100, RIM  BlackBerry Pearl 8110, RIM  BlackBerry Pearl 8120, RIM  BlackBerry Pearl 8130, RIM  BlackBerry Pearl 8220, RIM  BlackBerry Pearl 8230, RIM  BlackBerry Curve 8300, RIM  BlackBerry Curve 8310, RIM  Blackberry Curve8320, RIM  BlackBerry Curve 8330, RIM  BlackBerry Curve 8350i, RIM BlackBerry Curve 8520, RIM  BlackBerry 8700, RIM  BlackBerry 8700c, RIM  BlackBerry 8700f, RIM  BlackBerry 8700g, RIM  BlackBerry 8700r, RIM  BlackBerry 8700v, RIM  BlackBerry 8703, RIM  BlackBerry 8703e, RIM  BlackBerry 8703e (Verizon Wireless), RIM  BlackBerry 8705g, RIM  BlackBerry 8707, RIM  BlackBerry 8707v, RIM  BlackBerry 8800, RIM  BlackBerry 8820, RIM  BlackBerry 8830, RIM  BlackBerry 8900, RIM  BlackBerry Bold 9000, RIM  BlackBerry Pearl 9100, RIM BlackBerry Storm 9500, RIM  BlackBerry Storm2 9520, RIM  BlackBerry Storm 9530, RIM  BlackBerry Storm2 9550, RIM  BlackBerry Tour 9630, RIM  BlackBerry Bold 9700, RIM BlackBerry Torch, RIM  Generic BlackBerry (Opera Mini)


Samsung  A900, Samsung  B2100, Samsung  B2700, Samsung  C3050, Samsung  C6620, Samsung  E2100, Samsung  GT M7600, Samsung  GT M8800, Samsung  GT M8910, Samsung  GT S3100, Samsung  GT S3650, Samsung  GT S5230, Samsung  GT-I8910, Samsung  GT-M7500, Samsung  GT-S5600, Samsung  i8510, Samsung  M3200, Samsung S3500, Samsung  S7220, Samsung  S7350, Samsung  S8000, Samsung  S8003, Samsung  S8300, Samsung  S8300T, Samsung  SCH-U900, Samsung  SCH-X659, Samsung  SGH A867, Samsung  SGH D880, Samsung  SGH D900, Samsung  SGH D900i, Samsung  SGH E250, Samsung  SGH F480, Samsung  SGH F480I, Samsung  SGH F490, Samsung  SGH F700, Samsung  SGH i200, Samsung  SGH I8320, Samsung  SGH J700i, Samsung  SGH J750, Samsung  SGH L700, Samsung  SGH L760, Samsung  SGH L810V, Samsung  SGH S7330, Samsung  SGH U600, Samsung  SGH X650, Samsung  SGH Z240, Samsung  SGH-A707, Samsung  SGH-D347, Samsung  SGH-D357, Samsung  SGH-D407, Samsung  SGH-D508, Samsung  SGH-D600E, Samsung  SGH-D800, Samsung  SGH-D820, Samsung  SGH-D840, Samsung  SGH-E258, Samsung  SGH-E350, Samsung  SGH-E350E, Samsung  SGH-E350V, Samsung  SGH-E360, Samsung  SGH-E370, Samsung  SGH-E590, Samsung  SGH-E840, Samsung  SGH-E900, Samsung  SGH-F110, Samsung  SGH-F330, Samsung  SGH-F400, Samsung  SGH-F480V, Samsung  SGH-G600, Samsung  SGH-G800, Samsung  SGH-i900v, Samsung  SGH-J400, Samsung  SGH-J600, Samsung  SGH-J700L, Samsung  SGH-J800, Samsung  SGH-M610, Samsung  SGH-P520, Samsung  SGH-P900, Samsung  SGH-T309, Samsung  SGH-T409, Samsung  SGH-U608, Samsung  SGH-U800, Samsung  SGH-U900, Samsung  SGH-x507, Samsung  SGH-X810, Samsung  SPH M510, Samsung  SPH-A760, Samsung  SPH-A920, Samsung  SPH-M500, Samsung  SPH-M530, Samsung  SPH-M610, Samsung  SPH-M620, Samsung  SPH-M800


anyo  MM5600, Sanyo  MM7500, Sanyo  MM9000, Sanyo  PL6650, Sanyo  SCP-6650, Sanyo  SCP-8400, Sanyo  SCP-M1, Sanyo  SCP6000, Sanyo  SCP6600, Sanyo  SCP7050, Sanyo  SCP7050CA

Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson  C510, Sony Ericsson  C702, Sony Ericsson  C902, Sony Ericsson  C903, Sony Ericsson  C905, Sony Ericsson  D750i, Sony Ericsson  G502, Sony Ericsson  G705, Sony Ericsson  J105i, Sony Ericsson  K530i, Sony Ericsson  K550c, Sony Ericsson  K550i, Sony Ericsson  K550im, Sony Ericsson  K600i, Sony Ericsson  K610c, Sony Ericsson  K610i, Sony Ericsson  K618i, Sony Ericsson  K630i, Sony Ericsson  K660i, Sony Ericsson  K750, Sony Ericsson  K750c, Sony Ericsson  K750i, Sony Ericsson  K770iv, Sony Ericsson  K790, Sony Ericsson  K790a, Sony Ericsson  K790c, Sony Ericsson  K790i, Sony Ericsson  K800, Sony Ericsson  K800a, Sony Ericsson  K800c, Sony Ericsson  K800i, Sony Ericsson  K800iv, Sony Ericsson  K810a, Sony Ericsson  K810c, Sony Ericsson  K810i, Sony Ericsson  K850i, Sony Ericsson  P1i, Sony Ericsson  S500c, Sony Ericsson  S500i, Sony Ericsson  S600i, Sony Ericsson  S700, Sony Ericsson  S700i, Sony Ericsson  S710a, Sony Ericsson  T303, Sony Ericsson  T650i, Sony Ericsson  T700, Sony Ericsson  U10i, Sony Ericsson  U1iv, Sony Ericsson  V600i, Sony Ericsson  V640i, Sony Ericsson  V640iv, Sony Ericsson  V800, Sony Ericsson  V802, Sony Ericsson  W200i, Sony Ericsson  W200iv, Sony Ericsson  W508, Sony Ericsson  W550i, Sony Ericsson  W580c, Sony Ericsson  W580i, Sony Ericsson  W580im, Sony Ericsson  W595, Sony Ericsson  W610, Sony Ericsson  W610i, Sony Ericsson  W660i, Sony Ericsson  W660iv, Sony Ericsson  W700i, Sony Ericsson  W705, Sony Ericsson  W705a, Sony Ericsson  W715, Sony Ericsson  W760a, Sony Ericsson  W760i, Sony Ericsson  W800, Sony Ericsson  W800c, Sony Ericsson  W800i, Sony Ericsson  W810, Sony Ericsson  W810a, Sony Ericsson  W810c, Sony Ericsson  W810i, Sony Ericsson  W850, Sony Ericsson  W850i, Sony Ericsson  W850iv, Sony Ericsson  W880i, Sony Ericsson  W880iv, Sony Ericsson  W890, Sony Ericsson  W890i, Sony Ericsson  W890iv, Sony Ericsson  W900i, Sony Ericsson  W902, Sony Ericsson  W908c, Sony Ericsson  W910i, Sony Ericsson  W960i, Sony Ericsson  W980, Sony Ericsson  W980i, Sony Ericsson  W980v, Sony Ericsson  W995, Sony Ericsson  X10i, Sony Ericsson  Z550i, Sony Ericsson  Z610, Sony Ericsson  Z610i, Sony Ericsson  Z770i, Sony Ericsson  Z800, Sony Ericsson  Z800i, Sony Ericsson  Z800, Sony Ericsson  Z800i







With extensive experience in customised portal creation, maintenance and search engine optimisation Naxtech can provide a comprehensive solution to your organisation. Naxtech, accurately identifies your business processes, required workflows and develops the right solution for you.




Online Payments, e-Commerce, Online Shops

Naxtech can provide eBusiness and eCommerce solutions based on your exact needs. We have experience in:

  1. Online payment systems and accounting integration.
  2. Database Integration.
  3. Search Engine Optimisation for online shops.
  4. Automated workflows.
  5. Multi-currency, multi-language and non-Latin-based e-commerce websites.
  6. E-Commerce sites that can scale from dozens to thousands of products.




Contact us. We would love to help you if we can. Or see how we helped other businesses.

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