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Long term results focus is what we aim at with online and digital marketing.

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Online marketing - eMarketing


Internet and Online Marketing is a phrase with broad meaning, which is not surprising because it relates to almost all aspects of planning, building, nike blazer uomo and managing a online promotion and marketing of a website or internet presence.


Common online techniques are:


  1. Organic/Natural Search Engine Optimisation in different languages and countries
  2. Results and performance based only SEO services. SEO where you pay nothing until you are on page 1 of search results
  3. Search Engine Marketing (eg. adWords) also known as Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising
  4. Link Acquisition, direct of via PR distribution and copywriting
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Banner Advertising
  7. Affiliate programmes


At Naxtech we specialise primarily in Organic SEO in multiple languages (multi-lingual SEO) as well as email marketing in terms of email data lists and email marketing platform. Other forms of online marketing such as affiliate programmes, PPC (pay per click) and banner advertising are also provided but are usually provided on an adhoc basis depending on the client's business, industry sector, and other related paramaters.


Other forms of online marketing we use is the distribution of press releases (PR distribution), which although it is not theoretically part of online marketing in practice it helps with both link building, link aquisition as well as brand awareness and offline marketing.


Additional types of online marketing which we can help with are:


  1. Social media and the corresponding digital word of mouth marketing it offers, can be extremely effective, especially for B2C companies.
  2. Blogs are often combined with social media but the competition for attention is hiuge. Corporate blogging can be a good way not only to get and keep interest in a site, but also generate inbound links and fresh content.
  3. Video – especially in the context of YouTube is also often used alongside social media. Despite being a more expensive social media avenue (depending on how its done), its popularity with marketers is evidence of its effectiveness.
  4. Mobile apps and widgets can be more costly as well, yet when successful, they page huge dividends. They are definitely not for every company, but if your products and services lend themselves to the format, the investment may be worthwhile.
  5. Email marketing is still an affordable and effective online marketing method If you have a list of opt-in email addresses, . There is little to worry about in the way of production and, of course, postage expense. You don't want to be a spammer, but proactive communication with existing prospects, customers, and clients can drive traffic to a website.


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