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Multilingual Organic/Natural SEO - Online Marketing


Search engine optimisation is plainly known as your business appearing on the first page of Google or a search engine when your customers are looking for relevant products and services. It is all related to the visibility of your business online.


Naxtech can help your business increase its visibility via a combination of technology and marketing. We combine programming and online marketing techniques to produce great and long terms results. Unline traditional SEO methods which focus on activities such as meta tags (title, description, keywords), copywriting, link building, article writing, blogging and social media, our approach is somewhat different. (Click here to see some of the SEO work). We also offer our SEO services on a performance and results basis too.


For SEO, including multilingual SEO (SEO in different countries and languages) we use a 6-step approach. We:


    1. Look at the products/services to be promoted.  This includes the definition of the target market, review of the marketing plan, analysis of the competition, etc. (Supply)
    2. Look at target market requirements, search patterns and behaviour. (Demand)
    3. Look at the Technology used.  IT as an enabler or hinderer. (Technology)
    4. Use the above to compile a list of recommendations.
    5. Translate recommendations to technical requirements.
    6. Apply technical changes and review/monitor process.



The following diagram shows this approach.

multilingual SEO process



As such, SEO is built-In  and integrated to the website and is no longer an add-on or a somewhat separate entity.  This is illustrated in the following diagram, while the table below demonstrates how online research provides us with tools which enable us to make informed decisions regarding the content, structure and other aspects of a website.


website integrated seo




it is important to point out that the approach to online marketing and SEO in particular primarily depends on a few parameters:


  1. The definition of the exact target group (age, activities, etc).
  2. The geographical location.
  3. The behavioural trends and patterns of the target group.  ie. we do not simply sell your product/service.  we sell it while we try to match supply and demand and bring them closer.


In plain English, we look at who is your target customer and we then look at what the search for, where they go, what they do, what they are interested in.   Then based on the results of this, we determine where you need to be to get in front of the eyes of the right people.  So, we see where they look and we then try to ensure that wherever they are there. The following diagram demonstrates how this type of research can provide invaluable insight into online search trends and demand. 


seo research and seo keyword research



A simplified version of the general pathway we follow is:


  1. We study your existing marketing plan, brand, target market, competition, etc.
  2. We look at what products, phrases and other terms you wish to promote.  
  3. We look at what your potential customers are actually looking/searching for online, in relation to the products you are offering.  We also look at the competition, including what they do as well as how easy or difficult it might be to promote certain terms.
  4. We compile a list of terms and products that will produce the best result and we identify a list of topics that could be potentially added or changed on your existing website.
  5. We review your existing technical platform and examine any relevant technical issues that may affect SEO related activities and vice versa.
  6. Based on all the above, we then put an action plan together regarding the best way to proceed.
  7. This plan can then be implemented by ourselves, your internal IT team, and/or your existing IT/website supplier.
  8. We, then, review the changes made and check everything to ensure that it's all been done properly.
  9. Then, finally, we do a monthly review and perform any other off-site SEO activities such as PR distribution, link building and more.  This is however an optional task.  


Please note that access to the server or files is not necessarily required.  If access to the relevant files is not an option, we are able to compile a report detailing what needs to be done, why, where, etc  which you can then use internally to make the required changes to the site.   Naturally, we can be there for you to check that everything is done correctly and we can work with your team to do that.


From a technical viewpoint the process of organic/natural search engine optimisation consists of three distinct phases.


  1. Phase 1 - Initial Analysis
    • Positioning analysis
    • Analysis of current SEO performance
    • Strengths and weaknesses
    • Competition analysis
    • Technical platform analysis
    • Search term and phrase profiling
    • Keyword phrases with high traffic and low competition
    • Search engine crawling and spidering improvements
    • Technical review of the site including link and programming structure
    • Content analysis for all key pages


  1. Phase 2 - Detailed Analysis and Recommendations
    • Specific on-site recommendations
    • Technical and platform-specific recommendations
    • Recommendations for: Alt and <h> tags, titles, page descriptions, other page elements, and structural elements.
    • Implementation of appropriate redirects where required
    • Additional web server logs analysis
    • Recommendations on copywriting and wording within the website contents.


  1. Phase 3 - On-going search engine optimisation activities
    • Link building
    • Development of landing pages for specific target markets or groups
    • Copywriting
    • A/B and MultiVariate Testing
    • Translation and promotion to foreign markets and search engines
    • Press release and/or Article submission
    • Ongoing SEO monitoring, analysis and reporting
    • Additional analysis and reporting on website visits



Where possible we are happy to provide guidelines or also review and monitor SEO activities which can be performed by your in-house staff.  Our approach is flexible enough to balance quality with utilisation of in-house staff and cost reduction.   Whether SEO-related activities are chosen to be done in-house or not, we will be happy to provide technical assistance when required.   We will also be happy to assist of provide guidance in any online marketing area, including:  


    1. Content Creation
    2. Technical elements
    3. Web development and design
    4. Other online marketing activities


Phased approach.  Where possible we aim to take a stepped approach to online marketing and SEO.  This means that when possible we use online SEO research and the results of previous steps/activities to plan ahead and determine the next step and the best course of action.    This continuous review allows for better targeting, higher levels efficiency and improved budget allocation


We always aim to customise our service to your particular needs, so whichever of the above are selected as the way forward, and whatever requirements arise we will try to help.  We can:


  • Allocate 1-2 days / month for ad hoc consultancy and search engine optimisation.
  • Provide technical, SEO (search engine optimisation) and online marketing recommendation during the development of your projects or strategy.
  • Liaise directly with your technical and/or marketing teams.


Click here to see some of the SEO work.




Multilingual SEO

Although the target markets and target search engines may differ the marketing approach and principles remain the same. As such, for Chinese SEO the main target search engine would be Baidu rather than Google while for Japanese SEO the main focus would be Yahoo.


Similarly, apart from the well-known search engines themselves and depending on the business we look at other search engines, directories and country/language specific sites. If your target market is local or there are specific popular websites fitting your target market profile then we may also use alternative sites to promote your business, products and services. For instance, as part of Greek SEO we may look at promotion at (very popular portal) while for a UK local-focused business we may look at online marketing via Yell.


The same principles applies to specific business sectors including regulated ones such as Pharmaceuticals.






Local search

Local search marketing has become very popular in recent years.  When implemented correctly, this method of promoting your business allows you to get ahead of your competitors and other established websites.   The way it works is simple; web users search for local services and products and get a list of location-based results in their browser.  This means that local users can find local services more easily than ever before.


More and more people are using the Internet to locate local services and products.  Whether it’s a restaurant, a plumber, a gardener, or a mortgage advisor, consumers know it’s easier than ever before to track down local services at the click of a button.


With more and more companies realising this too the market is saturated with online business listings.  However, not all listings are equal.  To ensure you get great exposure to local web users you need to ensure your business listing is built as completely and as effectively as possible.  Many companies have failed in this area and this is where we can help.

By analysing your competition, understanding your market, and developing a killer business profile, we’ll make sure your potential customers get to see your business at the top of their search results.


See for yourself:


- Lucas Landscapes


- Translate to Chinese





Link Building

Our network of sites (including blogs, forums and directories) can be used to provide a good quality and value link approach. Links are billed on a month-to-month basis with no minimum commitment.


Premium link-building: This service combines proprietary tools and technologies with substantial market data to identify and place high-quality, in-content, clean, relevant links. Its focus is to assist large brands with their search efforts for increasing exposure in the most competitive markets. This usually results in a 10-20% increase of traffic within a few months.  We look at links based on dozens of quality factors to establish a link value in terms of driving quantifiable rankings.  In this case our link building efforts mitigate as much risk as possible that comes along with buying links. If you’re employing people to build links at a low price, they most likely aren’t putting forth the due diligence to ensure the link growth, placement, and site selection is natural and therefore are putting the site at risk for being filtered or having its links devalued.  


PR Distribution can also be used as a method for multi-channel marketing including link-building.   Although traditionally the distribution of press releases is seen as a corporate communications or marketing task, in terms of link building it can produce amazing results if the release is published online by a variety of reputable websites and respected information sources.   The distribution of PR can also often provide great retuls in terms of brand awareness and offline marketing benefits. Consider the case where a press release and your "news" appeal to both journalists as well as their target audience.  This could lead to your news (including the contained links) to be placed on news websites.  For instance, consider the quality of links which could be gained on a website such as BBC News, Reuters and so on.




Copy-writing, Content generation, Medical writing

The generation of relevant content and website copywriting often forms part of the solution we offer as part of the SEO and online marketing service.



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